Television pilot based on the novel by best-selling author, Andy Straka.
Former Army helicopter pilot Raina Sanchez still suffers nightmares. About the mission that led to her chopper being shot down in Afghanistan. About the loss of her foot in the crash and the deaths of her commanding officer and two fellow soldiers. When approached by an ex-CIA operative to participate in a covert opp, domestic operation with ties to the war, she jumps at the chance, hoping to exorcise some of these demons. She joins Tye Palmer, the decorated ex-infantryman she first encountered when he rescued her in the heat of battle from the flaming wreckage of her doomed Kiowa copter. Acting as civilian private investigators, together they embark on a sensitive, risky effort: Employing cutting edge surveillance drones, they hope to expose the rapist son of Nathan Kurn, a corrupt media executive who oversaw coverage of their Afghan combat. But everything changes when Raina is kidnapped by a group of operatives from the Department of Homeland Security. She meets a dashing Homeland scientist who lures her into trying out technology that goes far beyond the tools she’s been employing with Tye. Welcome to the brave new world of investigative mini drones, known as MAVs (micro air vehicles.) Where tiny surveillance devices are remotely piloted into the most critical of situations. Where some are beginning to be programmed to function, or even kill, on their own. As splits among government factions and out of control private contractors threaten to erupt into a covert civil war, the specter of a smothering surveillance state looms larger than ever. Raina and Tye are about to discover the danger didn’t end when they finished their military careers. For them, the threat has just begun.

Teleplay written by Durrell Nelson